Five Creative Ways To Display Photos In Your Home

Picture this.. you just had an awesome session and you love all of your photos. You get your disc of photos and look through them and your so excited to show all your friends and family. You neatly place the disc back into case and put it in your desk drawer. Suddenly, you realize you have to go and make dinner. You get up and the disc sits there, in the drawer, for who knows how long. “And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth….” ( My husband and I watch way to much Lord of The Rings!) So instead of your beautiful photos sitting in a desk drawer for years get some printed! Once you do find a neat way to display them. I did a little research and here are a few of my favorite ways to creatively display photos in your home!

1. Framing Photos In Mason Jars

When I saw this I had one of those.. well why didn’t I think of that moments?


2. Canvases

I love canvases! They are just so beautiful. They go a step further and make your picture just stand out.


3. Collage

There are so many different things you can do when it comes to  making a collage of all your pictures. You can use regular framed pictures, canvases, mix and mingle different decorations.. I love it.


4. Clothes Line

Well isn’t that just adorable. I love that it’s framed as well.


5. Picture Rails

I think this is a great way to add depth to the room as well as make it feel more  homey.


So I hope you enjoyed this post. What are some of your favorite ways to display photos in your home.

(Image credits to Pinterest)


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