Chet + Bodie Bridals/Formals- Uintah Basin Photographer

This session was simply beautiful. I love how their pictures turned out! And I will never forget when we were taking pictures and a little kid says “look their getting married!” I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding this last Saturday! It was awesome from the ceremony to the bouquet toss. I hope to have those done soon!! 22 (1 of 1) 22 (1 of 1)-2 IMG_1592-1 IMG_1602-1 IMG_1611-1 IMG_1611-1-2 IMG_1633-1 IMG_1645-1 IMG_1651-1 IMG_1656-1 IMG_1674-1 IMG_1677-1 IMG_1680-1 IMG_1691-1 IMG_1706-1 IMG_1728-1 IMG_1781-1-2 IMG_1800-1-2 IMG_1809-1


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